Reverb/delay doesn’t work with multiple patterns!

Reverb (room/size) and delay (delay/delayt/delayfb) are both ‘global’ effects. So if you had two patterns running at the same time, one without reverb and one with:

d1 $ sound "bd(3,8)"

d2 $ sound "arpy*4" # room 0.9 # size 0.9

Then they’d battle each other switching the reverb on and off.

The answer is to put them in different ‘orbits’, as each orbit has its own set of global effects. By default, superdirt has two orbits enabled, with ‘0’ being the default one. So just put the second pattern in orbit ‘1’:

d1 $ sound "bd(3,8)"

d2 $ sound "arpy*4" # room 0.9 # size 0.9 # orbit 1

Now the first pattern should now be ‘dry’, and the second as reverberant as anything.

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