How Can Custom Samples be Used?

To use custom samples with TidalCycles and SuperDirt the samples must be loaded into SuperDirt.  To do this, enter the following into the SuperDirt IDE


Be sure to include the * as a wildcard so that all sub-directories of samples  in the directory are loaded.

Position the cursor in the line and press Shift + Enter to evaluate the code.  You should see something like

loading 52 sample banks

along with the names of any folders within the directory and the number of samples loaded for each sample directory.

Now the samples can be referenced by directory name and used in TidalCycles.

One thought on “How Can Custom Samples be Used?”

  1. Is there any more to what can and can’t be indexed? I have a folder with an mp3 that is indexed in the list but seems to return 0 samples.

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