Tidal club membership – weeks 1 to 4


Join the “Learning TidalCycles” course. See ‘product description’ for pay-as-you-feel guidelines.

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Join the first four week cycle of “Learning TidalCycles”, a course lead by Tidal’s creator, Alex McLean. It first ran April/May 2020, but it’s based on video tutorials and worksheets, and you can join any time, have your questions answered, and so on.

Pay as you feel, but please do pay if you can. Guidelines:
£0 – for those who wouldn’t be able to participate otherwise (underemployed, difficult exchange rate etc)
£12 (£3 per week) – standard
£24 (£6 per week) – those with extra cash to spare
£40+ (£10 per week) – those with institutional backing

Here’s a short outline of the first four weeks, which also includes installation, live streams and challenges.

  • Week 1 – mini-notation week!
    • Tidal Interaction
    • Loading sample packs
    • Sequencing with mini-notation (parts one, two and three)
  • Week 2
    • Starting out with effects
    • Manipulating time with setcps, cps patterns and fast/slow functions
    • Combining patterns with arithmetic (plus the ‘hurry’ function)
  • Week 3
    • Exploring the ‘every’ function, including tackling that ‘$’
    • ‘cut’ vs ‘legato’
    • ‘slice’ and ‘splice’
    • ‘chop’ and ‘striate’
  • Week 4
    • Continuous ‘waveform’ patterns – sine, square, tri, saw and random functions (with a bit on binary patterns)
    • all the random functions, including shuffle, sometimes and someCycles

Money covers time preparing worksheets and videos, answering questions etc, as well as supporting development of the TidalCycles software itself. Thanks!